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St Hockey Tour 2023

St Hockey Tour 2024 will be played over six different event weekends.

Registration for summer 2024 is now open!

St Hockey Tour will take place in the summer of 2024.

Vuosittain järjestettävä matalan kynnyksen liikuntatapahtuma.

6 turnausviikonloppua ympäri Suomen.

Sarjat naisille ja miehille sekä harrastesarja sekajoukkueille.


5 vs 5

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​HELSINKI 15-16 June 2024

The adult tournaments start again at the already legendary Helsinki sub-tournament at Kamppi's Narinkkator.

KOUVOLA 29-30 June 2024

Kouvola, the licorice capital of Finland, will be included in the tour as a delicious new location.

​TAMPERE 13.-14.7.2024

What would a summer tour be without the mecca of ice hockey, Tampere?

OULU 20-21 July 2024

As another new locality, we will include Seinäjoki. The Vauhtiajot Race and Rock festival will also take place on the same weekend. Is it harder on the track or in the street puddle trough?

​FINALS HELSINKI 2-3 August 2023
More information coming

Time to collect the best of the tour on the same field and watch which gang will raise the jug to the roof in Kamppi in the summer of 2023.


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