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Now you can design and order sublimated Warrior jerseys with the team's own look! 

How to order jerseys for your team:

  1. send us the color of the jersey and the color codes and the logo that will be on the shirt (vector or jpeg)

  2.  please attach an Excel file to the email that clearly shows the jersey size, numbers, and names

  3. it is possible to print your own ads on the shirt, in which case you need precise information about the desired ads, their placement, and all logo files of the ads in vector or jpeg files when ordering.

  4. We send the jersey layout to the customer for approval, after which the jerseys go to order. Delivery time for jersey orders is 4 weeks.

    We will mail the finished jerseys to the customer's address in advance, or you can also pick up the jerseys at the tournament location upon registration. The minimum order for jerseys is 10 pieces. Price €46/pc.

    Orders are made by email to

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