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Info, rules and series


Players must wear a helmet and gloves. We also recommend the use of lower protection and knee pads. Other protections are also allowed.



With the exception of skates, goaltenders must wear full hockey goalie gear.



The team must have uniform uniforms and a numbered jersey



St Hockey events are played with an official StH match ball. The ball weighs approx. 80g and has a diameter of approx. 7 cm. There is a liquid inside the ball that dampens the bouncing of the ball.



There is a goalkeeper and five field players on the field at the same time. The number of players in the team is a maximum of 15 players + goalkeeper. The goalkeeper can be replaced by an extra field player. At the start of the game, the team must have a goalkeeper and at least 5 field players. Each team must name a captain, the captain is marked on the jersey with the letter "C".

In 3 vs 3 series, there is a goalkeeper and three field players on the field at the same time. The number of players in the team is a maximum of 9 players + goalkeeper. At the start of the game, the team must have a goalkeeper and at least 3 players.



Matches are refereed by trained St Hockey referees.



The match lasts 2 x 10 minutes. Game time is direct time. The game ends when the referee's whistle blows.

In 3 vs 3 series, the match lasts 15 minutes of direct game time.



The team has the right to change players during the match "on the fly" and during breaks.



For fouls worth suspension, the referee gives the offending player 1 minute suspension. The team plays under the power of ice time. If the same team is awarded a second ice-out during the first ice-out, the second ice-out is acknowledged with a penalty shot. The freeze ends if the opponent scores a goal or when 1 minute of playing time has elapsed. For a foul committed in a clear scoring situation , the referee can award a penalty shot.


Offenses that are not worth of penalty or red card are continued with a free kick. The opposing team's players must then go at least 3 meters away from the ball. A free kick is awarded from the spot on the field where the foul occurred.


The penalty kick takes place as a transport from the center circle. The player taking the penalty shot must move forward throughout the execution. If the ball moves backwards, the performance is not rejected.


  1. Tackling and pushing from the back

  2. High stick (the ball can be played with the stick from the height of the top bar of the goal)

  3. Struggle

  4. Beating / hitting with a stick

  5. Cross club and hooking with the club

  6. Tearing off the game outfit and blocking a player without the ball

Red card: The referee has the right to remove a player from the match with a red card. A player can be removed from the game if he commits the following violations;

  1. Unsportsmanlike behavior

  2. Repeated willful violations

  3. Deliberately harming an opponent or attempting to do so

A player who receives a red card is automatically banned from the team's next match. The referee observer of the event handles any longer suspensions.



  1. Starts: The game starts from the marked starting points when the referee drops the ball. At the starts, 1 player per team, the other players are in their own half of the court at least 3 meters away from the starting point.

  2. When the ball flies out of the rink, the game is continued with a free kick. A free kick is awarded at the point where the ball crosses the playing area. The free kick goes to the team whose opponent sent the ball out of the rink.

  3. When the goalkeeper closes the ball, the game is continued by the same team as the goalie and the other team gives a little bit of space.

  4. After a goal, the match is continued from the starting point of the center circle.

  5. There is a 1-minute break between sets.

  6. Solution: In the follow-up matches of the tournament, if the match ends in a tie at the regular time, the match will be decided by penalty shots using 3 shooters and then "one over" method.

  7. Allowed in the game: Lifting the stick, wedging the player on the side when the running direction is same, The ball can be played from the air with the stick (limit upper bar) and with the hand.

  8. Desirable in the game: Ventilating the goal, encouraging a friend, creating fair sportsmanship and a good feeling.


When registering for the St Hockey event, the team undertakes to play all the matches indicated in the match chart. If the team fails to arrive to the match, the contact person of the team will be fined €500. The fine will be invoiced from the contact person on a separate invoice.


Registration must be canceled no later than 14 weekdays before the event in question. Cancellation should be reported to The completed team fee will be returned to the team in full. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 business days before the event, the payment will not be refunded.


If The cancellation is done after the game schedule is published the team will be fined €500. The fine will be invoiced from the contact person on a separate invoice.


If the team is late for the match marked on the schedule, the team will be judged to have lost 5-0.

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